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Thứ ba, 16 Tháng 10 2018

Just One Last Dance

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Just one last dance....oh baby...just one last dance
We meet in the night in the Spanish café
I look in your eyes just don't know what to say
It feels like I'm drowning in salty water
A few hours left 'til the sun's gonna rise
tomorrow will come an it's time to realize
our love is finished forever
how I wish to come with you (wish to come with you)
how I wish we make it through
Just one last dance
before we say goodbye
when we sway and turn round and round and round
it's like the first time
Just one more chance
hold me tight and keep me warm
cause the night is getting cold
and I don't know where I belong
Just one last dance
The wine and the lights and the Spanish guitar
I'll never forget how romantic they are
but I know, tomorrow I'll lose the one I love

There's no way to come with you

it's the only thing to do


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